Continue the journey with me as I move right along… here is my latest update!

wip 12-27-19
WIP Updated 12/27/19… making progress!

Moving right along… my latest update 12/3/19… can you see the changes?

wip 12-3-19
Updated 12/3/19… stay tuned.

Just plugging along! Here’s an update to my latest inspiration as of 10/25/19! I definitely will keep you updated…

Title: A Quiet Moment | Medium: Oil on Canvas | Dimensions: 30″ x 40″

wip update 10-25-19

Hello Folks… here is the final update (12/6/18) to my DancingMan work in progress! Thanks for checking it out over time. It is now finished!

Title: Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis (DancingMan) | Medium: Oil on Canvas | Dimensions: 2‘ x 3‘ | Price: $4500

final 1-28-19

I have also created a video for you check out if you would like to see how it all evolved over time.